How to Use a Cricut EasyPress

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Learn how to use a Cricut EasyPress with iron-on vinyl. This tool makes crafting with iron-on faster and easier.

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easypress and mat

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When I first started using my Cricut, it took me a while to buy a Cricut EasyPress, but once I bought it, I was so glad I did.

It saves me so much time and feels a bit safer to use than my iron. (Who else has triangle-shaped burn marks from iron mishaps?)

pink Cricut easypress and mat

What Is a Cricut EasyPress?

A Cricut EasyPress is a smaller version of a heat press machine. It heats up to 400º and has a flat plate that evenly distributes heat.

There are several sizes available and now there’s a newer version that works with Bluetooth to avoid the guesswork when working on a project.

I have the EasyPress 2 in the 9×9 size and it works well for most projects.

While you can use an iron with iron-on vinyl, it takes longer and it’s easier to miss spots because the iron typically doesn’t cover the entire design at once.

If you want to use Infusible Ink, you have to use it with an EasyPress. Infusible Ink requires a temperature of 400º to work properly. Lower temperatures may result in lighter colors.

Learn more about which Cricut EasyPress is right for you.

What Else Do You Need to Use a Cricut EasyPress?

Cutting Machine

Unless you buy pre-made decals, you will need a cutting machine to cut iron-on vinyl. I use the Cricut Maker, but all of the Cricut machines cut iron-on vinyl.

Alternatively, you can use EasyPress with a Silhouette or Brother cutting machine as well.

cricut maker and EasyPress

Iron-On Vinyl or Infusible Ink

You will also need iron-on vinyl (also called heat transfer vinyl or HTV for short.) Any brand will work.

Cricut Infusible Ink also works with EasyPress. It can be cut with any machine.

Weeding Tools

Weeding tools help to easily remove the excess vinyl. I also use the paper cutter all the time to trim my iron-on vinyl before cutting. This helps avoid wasting materials.

EasyPress Mat

You will also want an EasyPress mat. This protects your work surface from the heat of the EasyPress. I have the 12″ x 12″ size.

cricut easypress and mat

How to Use a Cricut EasyPress

The EasyPress is as easy to use as its name implies!

  1. Cut and weed your design as usual. Here’s a tutorial for using iron-on vinyl. Make sure to mirror your design.
  2. Turn on the EasyPress and change the temperature by clicking on the thermometer and using the arrow keys. Cricut has a handy page that helps you figure out the perfect temperature and setting for your project. setting temperature on cricut easypress
  3. The EasyPress is ready to use when the red light turns green. It will beep as well.
  4. Place the blank on the EasyPress mat. pencil pouch on cricut easypress mat
  5. Press it for 5 seconds. This gets the surface ready for the iron-on vinyl. It also removes any wrinkles.
  6. Place the weeded design vinyl-side-down onto the surface. The plastic carrier sheet has to be face-up. pencil vinyl on pouch
  7. Set the timer on the EasyPress.
  8. Apply the EasyPress to the surface and hit the start button (C) to start the timer. using easypress
  9. Apply light pressure with your hand while pressing.
  10. When it beeps, remove the EasyPress and place it back in its base.
  11. Let the design cool completely before removing the plastic backing. removing plastic carrier for iron-on vinyl
  12. If the iron-on vinyl needs more time, it’s okay to press the surface for longer.
pencil pouch and easypress

Download the Pencil SVG

Free downloads are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell.

Pencil SVG

pencil pouch with vinyl pencil design

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