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DIY Vinyl Celestial Ornaments

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Looking for a unique Christmas DIY ornament? Make these DIY vinyl celestial ornaments to decorate for Christmas. These ornaments feature stars and moons in glitter and metallic vinyl.

If you’re new to Cricut, be sure to check out these Cricut tutorials for beginners.

ornaments with moons and stars in vinyl

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Stars are a popular Christmas decor motif, so it feels like moons should be, too.

I love these celestial ornaments made with vinyl. They turned out so cute.

moon and star ornaments made with vinyl

DIY Vinyl Celestial Ornaments

Supplies Needed:

Notes about Supplies:

Glitter Vinyl: My biggest piece of advice is NOT to use it. It was difficult to transfer over, and I ended up placing it more like a sticker than a vinyl decal with transfer tape. It didn’t stick to the transfer tape.

Use metallic vinyl instead. It’s much easier to work with.

If you do use glitter vinyl, hold it up to the light to see where to weed. Keep your design really simple and apply it like a sticker.

holding glitter vinyl up to light to see where to weed

Ornament Blanks: I left my ornament blanks unpainted because I like the contrast of the wood with the vinyl. You can paint the blanks if you want. Just use craft paint.

  1. Upload and cut the vinyl as usual. Be sure to attach the design to keep it in place.
  2. Weed the designs.
  3. Apply transfer tape and remove the vinyl from the backing.
  4. Place the design on the ornament blanks.
  5. Remove the transfer tape, smoothing the vinyl to make sure that it adheres to the ornaments.ornaments with vinyl moons and stars
  6. Add a ribbon for hanging. celestial ornaments on black background
celestial ornaments with vinyl decals on pink linen

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Download Celestial SVG Set

Free downloads are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell.

Celestial SVG Set

moon and star ornaments on green plaid linen

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celestial ornaments with moons and stars

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