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How to Use Infusible Ink: DIY Wine Bag

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Learn how to use infusible ink to make a DIY wine bag for Christmas. Infusible ink creates a long-lasting permanent design that makes a great gift.

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Let's Get Merry wine bag

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All About Infusible Ink

Infusible ink is my favorite Cricut product right now, so I’m going to tell you all about it.

What is Infusible Ink?

Infusible ink is a product by Cricut that works similarly to sublimation. It creates a permanent finish by sort of melting into the surface.

It’s available in sheets and pens. The sheets are available in many colors and patterns.

It is applied with an EasyPress or a heat press because it needs to heat up to 400º for the ink to work properly.

What is the Difference Between Iron-on and Infusible Ink?

Infusible ink is similar to iron-on because they both need heat to make them adhere to the surface.

However, iron-on sits on top of the surface, while infusible ink becomes part of the surface. I would compare iron-on to a sticker and infusible ink to dye.

Can Infusible Ink Be Used on Any Fabric?

To get the best results, infusible ink should be used with fabrics that have a special coating.

Cricut has many blanks available. There are also tons of blanks available for sublimation that will work.

If you use infusible inks on other fabrics, they will lose their vibrant colors.

What Kind of Materials Can You Use with Infusible Ink?

Infusible ink can be used on the Cricut blanks and sublimation blanks. There are t-shirts, pillowcases, wine bags, and coasters, as well as mugs!

Yep, infusible ink can be used on mugs too and the result is a professional, permanent finish! It’s even dishwasher-safe!

Do You Need to Pre-Wash Fabric for Infusible Ink?

No, it’s not recommended to pre-wash fabrics for infusible ink.

How Long Does Infusible Ink Last on Fabric?

Infusible ink is permanent and it’s not supposed to fade or peel.

What Temperature Should I Heat Infusible Ink?

The temperature changes depending on the surface being used. I always check the Cricut heat guide and input the correct material and base material.

The wine bag with infusible ink needed a temperature of 385º for 60 seconds.

cricut heat guide

How to Use Infusible Ink

Supplies Needed:

*Infusible ink must be used with an EasyPress or heat press because a regular iron doesn’t get hot enough.

infusible ink, wine bag, and EasyPress

If you’ve never used your EasyPress before, be sure to check out this post first.

Cutting Infusible Ink

  1. Upload your design as usual.
  2. Be sure to attach it to keep the design together.
  3. Mirror the design.
  4. Select infusible ink in the materials menu (it’s located under iron-on.)
  5. Place the infusible ink on the standard mat, ink side up. (It’s normal for the ink sheet to be much lighter than the final color.)infusible ink sheet on cricut mat
  6. Cut the design as usual.

How to Weed Infusible Ink

  1. Remove the ink sheet from the mat by peeling the mat away from the paper. This prevents it from curling. peeling mat away from weeded infusible ink
  2. When weeding the design, don’t use weeding tools. Instead, use your fingers to remove the ink sheet.
  3. It helps to roll the sheet to crack it. I also like to bend a corner to get it started.weeding infusible ink
  4. If you accidentally remove a small piece, you can stick it back onto the carrier sheet. Just make sure that it’s facing the correct way.
  5. Cut away any excess backing to prevent it from being in the way of the other color.

Applying Infusible Ink to Fabric

  1. Turn on the EasyPress and preheat it to 385º.
  2. Insert a sheet of cardstock inside the wine bag to protect the ink from bleeding to the back. cardstock in wine bag
  3. Place the wine bag on the EasyPress mat to protect your work surface.
  4. Place the butcher paper over the bag and preheat it with the EasyPress for 15 seconds.preheating wine bag with EasyPress
  5. Remove the EasyPress and the butcher paper from the wine bag.
  6. Use a lint roller to remove lint from the wine bag.
  7. Place the design onto the bag, making sure that the plastic backing doesn’t overlap the ink of the other color. infusible ink on wine bag
  8. If any part of it doesn’t stick, you can use heat-resistant tape. This typically isn’t necessary for fabric though.
  9. Place the butcher paper on top of the design.
  10. Apply the EasyPress for 60 seconds.using easypress
  11. Remove the EasyPress and replace it.
  12. Let the design cool before removing the backing. removing infusible ink backing
  13. It’s ready for use!
wine bag that says "let's get merry"

Tips for Making a DIY Wine Bag

  • The bag measures 5.75″ x 13″, but if you want it to be readable, I suggest you make it 4.75″ x 8″ instead. I also recommend placing the design lower than I did.
  • Infusible ink is a bit thick to weed, so if this is your first time using it, go with a simple design.
  • If you accidentally remove a small piece when weeding, you can stick it to the transfer sheet before applying it to the fabric.
let's get merry wine bag

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